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Customer expectations have undergone a paradigm shift throughout 2020 & 2021

  • Today, more than 35% of all customers expect to be able to contact the same business representative through any channel
  • Purchase frequency is 250% higher on omni-channel than single channel
  • Omni-channel customer retention rates are 90% higher


Download the checklist here: 25 Amazing Omnichannel Statistics Every Marketer Should Know 


Driven by their experiences with larger online businesses, consumers now expect to be able to receive service on the channel of their choice from all types of organisations.

The recent growth in the number of home workers brings with it a further need for new systems to both support and manage customer communications over multiple media channels.


Meeting and Exceeding your Customer’s Expectations

Macfarlane’s Contact+ is a state-of-the art omni-channel system designed and built from the ground up to manage communications between an organisation and its customers over voice, social media, web, email and SMS.

Built upon 25+ years of customer communication experience, Contact+ embodies our unique 3 C’s principles using powerful Conversation Management technology:

  • Continuity– empower agents with a full interaction history across all channels
  • Context– relate the current interaction to the overall conversation
  • Clarity– provide access to previous text and recordings promoting a better shared understanding


Some of the benefits of Contact+ include:

  • Entry-level omni-channel platform optimised for the SME market but able to scale up to a full-blown contact centre system
  • Flexible low pricing with a plan that works for you
  • UK based company committed to supporting you locally
  • Fully compatible with all switches and network operators
  • Hosted in Azure or installed on-premise to cater for all environments


In addition, Contact+ has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface recognised as one of the best in the industry. 

This increases productivity by helping to simplify an increasingly complex environment


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