Crucial to any IoT project is connectivity. Whilst there are over 20 connectivity options available today, the landscape is constantly evolving due to an ever-increasing demand to manage data volume and extend the life of the IoT devices themselves. It is a challenge to achieve the balance between this and the need for the most suitable range, power consumption and bandwidth. Often, a hybrid solution will be the best choice.

Among the most common solutions today are; Wi-Fi (including new WPA3 and 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6)), Cellular (including 5G), LPWAN, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE),Thread, Mesh Networks such as Zigbee & Z-Wave, LoRaWAN and satellite.

The right solution for you will depend on your objectives and IoT OEM provider, and we can assist you identify the most appropriate connectivity methods for your project.



Global IoT Connectivity

Whether you need oodles of data, long-term power efficiency, global IoT connectivity over long distances, or all three, we’ve got you covered. Services include:

  • Cellular connectivity
  • LPWAN connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • Satellite
  • RFID

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We believe in leveraging the transformational power of data to solve challenges and provide value. We support organisations in realising and achieving the full potential of IoT technology, data capture and applied, intelligent analytics.

The value that good data can provide is immeasurable. Adopting IoT technologies will enable you to both capture data, and intelligently utilise it.

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