It’s been a busy few weeks meeting companies and individuals in; Edinburgh, Birmingham, London and Aberdeen that I hope will go on to play a major role in our eco-system of IoT solutions partners and experts. 

I’m excited about their clear pedigree in this space and specifically how that experience can be leveraged on behalf of customers who recognise the obvious benefits of including IoT solutions as a key part of their overall digital transformation strategy.

With Bain predicting the Internet of Things market to more than double in size from 2017, by 2021, an explosion of connected devices is already underway and by 2020, there will be over 50 Billion. That’s approximately 6 devices for every person on earth.

The IoT will continue to deliver new opportunities for business innovation for the next decade. CIOs who recognise these innovative IoT trends will also have the opportunity to lead digital innovation in their businesses and indeed, the wider market.

Data is the fuel that powers the IoT and an organization’s ability to derive meaning from it will define their long-term success.

The sensor market is continuously evolving, and new sensors will enable an even wider range of conditions and events to be detected, current sensors will fall in price to become more affordable and new algorithms will emerge to deduce more information from current sensor technologies. 

IoT Value Chain

From connection to benefit, that’s the value chain but make no mistake, there are many challenges on the journey. 

Keep in mind though, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.